My 2021 photowalk in Deventer

If you want to visit a historic city in the Netherlands, you must go to Deventer. The city with many characteristic streets attracts many photographers. During the festive season you do not regret a visit. The festive season is starting in November and December every year. I was planning to visit Deventer at the 18th of December. This was also the day that the Dutch government announced a new lockdown. Large crowds were expected in many city centers. So I postponed the trip.

Start at the Worp

The day after Christmas I decided to give it another try. About an hour before blue hour I arrived at the Worp in Deventer. The Worp is situated at the other side of the IJssel. You have to take a ferry to get to the center of Deventer. During the lockdown the ferry stopped at 8 o'clock. 

Untitled photo

Hotel Finch

I had planned my first photo at Hotel Finch during the blue hour. Hotel Finch is a boutique Hotel and can be found in a historical building. The hotel is located at the Keizerstraat.

Untitled photo


After half an hour I walked via the Keizerstraat to the Walstraat. The area is called 'Bergkwartier'. This street is a characteristic spot of the city. Here you find many historical streets and buildings. I was a bit overwhelmed by the beauty of Deventer. Some classic shots I completely overlooked.

After the Walstreet I walked to the Bergstraat. This is an iconic place in Deventer. I had a little trouble finding a good spot because you have to be aware of the distortion of the lens while tilting. The distortion can be quite large.

Untitled photo

The Brink and The Waag

Now it was time to walk slowly to the ferry. But first I had to take a photo of Museum De Waag. Then I found a good spot to make a picture of the Lebuinus Church. Deventer has a beautiful city center. Next year I'll be back.

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